ECO by Jolie

With the fashion industry being one of the most toxic industries in the world, we felt the need to reduce our carbon footprint and seek out companies who are doing good for the environment. We came across Groceries Apparel and have partnered with them to create an eco-friendly and socially responsible line of clothing. All fabrics are 100% organic or recycled and are made in the USA at a factory in California.  


Organic Cotton, Eucalyptus, Hemp, Recycled Plastic, Recycled Cotton, and Linen all make up these products. Cotton grown in the USA is used because it is of much higher quality due to the soil and ecosystems we have in the states, and because it translates into closer relationships with the farms by ensuring fair treatment and fair wages for them. Linen and Hemp save water because they require a fraction of the amount of water it takes to grow cotton. Additionally, Eucalyptus used in these products is made with wood pulp from responsibly-sourced tree farms. Lastly, by using recycled cotton and plastic it is reducing waste in our landfills and cuts down on toxic emissions. 


Groceries Apparel is redefining transparency and human responsibility by supporting family farms, localized manufacturing, living wages and GMO-free, organic ingredients. They empower human beings through fair-trade, fair conditions and fair treatment across the entire supply chain, and by providing full transparency to our customers.